Drink Specials

16 oz Tap Beer $1 OFF!

Any Cocktail $2 OFF!

Glass of Wine $2 OFF!

Wine by the Bottle $6 OFF!


Chips & 2 Dips

tortilla chips, poblano salsa, pepperjack queso

Chicken Meatballs $4 each

spicey chicken meatball, red and white sauces, grana padana add a slice of garlic grilled ciabatta bread .50 each

Charred Corn Dip

creamy charred corn, lime juice, cayenne, black pepper, cholula, tortilla chips

$5 Appetizers

2 Tacos Walk Into a Bar

flour tortillas, choice of chicken or pork, cheddar-jack cheese, shredded lettuce, chipotle ranch and tortilla strips

Pot Stickers

seasoned pork filled dumplings, choice of plum sesame or peanut sauce

"Pop" Pie

mashed potatoes, pulled chicken, grilled asparagus, chicken au jus